If you would like to find out more about Berkswich the following books may be of interest to you:-

A Long Slow Walk from the Station

The Story of Brocton Prisoner of War Camp 1917 - 1919


 Available from the Chairman (53 Old Croft Road, Walton on the Hill, Stafford, ST17 0NL)

or Treasurer @ £10 + £2.50 Package & Postage.

Also available from Penkridge Hardware Store and Marquis Drive shop , Cannock Chase

In May 2014 Berkswich History Society published “Memories – Berkswich in the Great War. Whilst researching that book, it was discovered that Sir Arthur Grant was Commandant of Brocton Prisoner of War Camp and that he brought his family to live in Brocton.  After much research, and assistance from Sir Arthur’s grandson Sir Archibald Grant, Beryl Holt, (Chairman of Berkswich History Society) has written a new book entitled “A Long, Slow, Walk from the Station”, which is the story of Brocton Prisoner of War Camp 1917– 1919.

Using original documents from the Imperial War Museum, the National Records of Scotland and Staffordshire Record Office together with many letters, newspaper reports and the unpublished diary of the Camp Commandant, the book recounts tales of the everyday life of prisoners, staff and local people, together with stories of strikes, escape (and recapture!), shootings and death.  It is not all gloom and doom - there are amusing anecdotes as well.  It also describes the military background of the Commandant and tells how his family came to live  at Brocton Hall, now Brocton Golf Club, and later at Brocton Leys just 10 minutes’ walk from Sir Arthur’s quarters on Cannock Chase.

  Memories - Berkswich in the Great War.  

Published 5th May, 2014 by Berkswich History Society  Sold Out

Recounts tales of some of those left at home during the Great War and the efforts they made to help their country In 1920 the Vicar, the Headmaster's wife, the Nurse and a schoolboy all remember the hardship and the fun of the previous six years.

 Letters of an English Boy  

Includes letters from the Front written in 1916-17

 Published 5th May, 2014 by Berkswich History Society    Sold Out


 The Story of Berkswich Retold.  

  • The original book written in 1947 by Berkswich WI  brought up to date by Berkswich History Society 2008 *

  • This book is a must for anyone with an interest in the history of the Parish of Berkswich.  It also makes an ideal gift for friends & family who have moved away from the area.  Covering the area from the River Sow at Radford Bank, the villages of Walton on the Hill, Milford and Cannock Chase. from Domesday  to the 21st Century.*

  • They Pulled Our House Down. 

  •  The Story of Baswich House and its People. Published March 2010 by Berkswich History Society.  *

Baswich House was demolished in March 2009.   Read how this old house was once home to a Stafford Banking family,  became a school during the 2nd World War and provided homes for some in the 1950's before becoming the HQ of Staffordshire Police Authority. Now after 9 years the land has been sold and Bellway are building 141 houses on the site in stage one of the development..   *


  • Police Experiences by Thomas Woollaston has now been relaunched as 

  • "Inspector Woollaston's Nose for Iniquity".  

  • Originally written in 1884 this book tells of the life of one of the very first Staffordshire Police Constables.  Now published by Berkswich History Society

  • This account from the frontline of the earliest years of the British police force is unusually gripping. Thomas Woollaston's memories of cases during his time with the Staffordshire Constabulary give so vivid a flavour of ordinary life in the mid-nineteenth century that one is quite taken how little has changed. Woollaston's stories concern the strange ( the case of the stolen horses' manes) and the disturbing (a bitten-off human ear found by a roadside) are chronicled here alongside the sad case of the abandoned newborn and the quack doctor whose patent electric shock treatment  killed two of his patients. Woollaston, with his care for detail and police procedure, is a template for the modern detective searching for the truth, and for the thousands of dramas and fictions they have inspired ever since.   Lucy Lethbridge, Author & Critic.

  •  An absorbing account of early days in the police force, from suppressing Chartist demonstrations to solving the case of the bitten-off ear.  A treasure-trove for historians and for all those who find the shadier side of Victorian life fascinating '.   Alison Light, Social Historian & Author.

  • The Story of Berkswich   Compiled by Members of Berkswich Women's Institute in 1947  (Copy in William Salt Library)

  • The Story of the Ancient Parish of Berkswich (Part I - Radford, Weeping Cross, Baswich, Stockton & Walton) by Alfred Middlefell. Published in 1995 by Berkswich Local History Group.

  • The Story of the Ancient Parish of Berkswich (Part II - Milford, Shugborough, Brocton, Bednall, Acton Trussell, Cannock Chase & Teddesley Hay) by Alfred Middlefell. Published in 1996 by Berkswich Local History Group.

  • A Town for Four Winter.  Great War Camps on Cannock Chase by C.J. & G.P. Whitehouse.  Published in 1983 by Staffordshire County Council.

  • The Best of Cannock Chase by "Pitman".  Reprinted from the "Express & Star" in 1953

  • The Friendship of Cannock Chase by "Pitman".  Reprinted from the "Express & Star" in 1953

  • Sweet Vernal.  A Collection of Country Journeys by Jean Margaret Peace.  Contains chapters on Milford Common, Milford Lodge, Cannock Chase, Milford Hall & Shugborough.  Published in 1966 by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd.     

  • Books marked * are still available from the Chairman or the Treasurer 

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